Process Checklist

Maintenance, production, safety, quality, inspection, audits and much more procedures can be digitised with the new Augmented & Connected Worker solution.

What is a Process Checklist?

A process checklist is a process that include a step-by-step mandatory method application. These processes are usually paper sheets, books, or memorised lists that workers must validate while executing their operations. The checklists are executed by field operators, and, frequently include a specific workflow per process. 

process checklist diagram
How are Process checklists implemented?

Usually these checklists are located in paper sheets, books, or just memorized during training sessions. They are usually located away from the specific workplace.

Independently from the applied method, the purpose of a checklist is to reduce error by providing humans with a support tool to guide them through execution. By providing the same checklist to a whole team, consistency patterns are also improved.

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

Digital Work Instructions

Digital transformations include process digitalisation to centralize information. This digitalisation allows to create digital checklists that include different inputs, workflows, and permissions, and that generates activity reports. Additionally, with the mobile app, each worker can execute the checklist with information provided in real-time.

Digital Work Instructions manufacturing Comissioning digital instructions
Cleaning Industry Commissioning Changeover Changeover Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit Inspections Layered Process Auditing (LPA)
AR Mobility & Guidance

One of the 9 foundations of the Industry 4.0 is AR. This technology allows workers to go from 2D mobility to AR mobility in which workers can be guided in real-time throughout their tasks. With this technology, workers can access visual AR step-by-step guides, and access information at the right place.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

The industry 4.0 has brought a lot of new technologies that optimize industrial processes. These technologies aim to connect the whole value chain to optimize results. In that sense, process digitalisation reduces costs and execution time by avoiding workers to access information provided far from their workplace. Additionally AR can reduce error by deploying information in real-time and place to help execution.

Cleaning industry Changeover Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit Single-Minute Exchange of Dies

How can Glartek help?

With Glartek solution, it is possible to organize workflows, with different inputs and permissions, for workers to follow. Our platform includes an app in each workers can both use 2D or AR mobility, to support the process execution. The process becomes more efficient since workers can have AR step-by-step guidance, that augment their capacities, and reduces the probability of human error.

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