Empower workers and clients with real-time visual remote assistance supported by Augmented Reality.

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Share experts' know-how through Visual Remote Assistance

GlarAssist combines multi-participants videocalls, Augmented Reality (AR), and much more, to speed up efficient problem resolution.

Reduce unnecessary travels

Centralize your experts to ensure they support frontline workers in real-time, without having to travel to the site.

Improve first-time fix rate

Guarantee that successful fixes are done by any worker, supported by highly experienced specialists.

Access session repository

Get real-time insights on which problems have been detected most frequently, and improve decision-making.

Enable experts guidance anytime, anywhere.

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Real-time frontline workers assistance

Create visual remote assistance sessions supported by Augmented Reality (AR) annotations to precisely guide the assisted person through resolution.

Track every assistance executed

Sessions are recorded and automatic reports and statistics are generated, to support decision-makers and continuous improvement actions.

Ensure accurate guidance in any scenario

Ensure that Augmented Reality (AR) annotations are as precise as possible by enabling the freeze mode option, different annotations colors, and much more.

Share knowledge in real-time

Share knowledge with your frontline team, or clients, by enabling file transfers. Avoid that further similar issues are repeated and require experts' help.

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Compatible devices

GlarAssist connects workers, specialists, and clients to provide real-time know-how through visual remote assistance. For the assistant, the app is used on a Desktop, Tablet, or Smartphone. The assisted can use different devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, Smartglasses or HoloLens. 

Compatible wearables

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"GlarAssist has provided our field workers with a tool that makes them more efficient, and most of all, happier to work in a supportive environment. We have been able to reduce up to 20% of unnecessary time with travel, but still guaranteeing our efficiency patterns. It truly makes the difference for any business that requires field workers and more experienced specialists, that we have now managed to centralize."

Operations Director

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