Increase operational efficiency.
Increase operational efficiency.
Reasons to become our partner
With augmented reality (AR) we have redefined performance outlines not only for the industry, but for all existing sectors.
We follow Industry 4.0, constantly innovating, in order to make the products and technologies with the greatest impact.
In just 3 years, we have achieved countless victories, partnerships and high impact clients in Portugal, maintaining continuity objectives.
Give power to your information

Process digitalization, an Industry 4.0 tool that empowers decision-making through data centralization. Digitize your processes, and obtain digital workflows, analytical information, visual output reports and dashboards, to boost your overall performance.

More visibility

Process digitalization increases shopfloor operations' visibility. The digital platform ensures processes information, employees and equipment centralization.

More knowledge

By centralizing information, Glartek provides greater knowledge acquired from processes, improving decision-making

More efficiency

GlarBoard guarantees a global efficiency increase, providing schedules and guides to employees, ensuring the proper and safe execution of any process.

Start optimizing results now and be a performance leader in your industry!