Automotive leader increased productivity output by 3%. - Glartek Automotive leader increased productivity output by 3%. - Glartek

Automotive leaders increased productivity output by 3% with Digital Processes.

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As a top 5 automotive European leader, the company’s goal is to keep ahead of the competition by increasing efficiency and productivity and entering new markets. With 40 worldwide plants, 13 logistics sites, and 4,000,000 cars sold annually, the leader has an increasing need to optimize results, improve production system avoid downtime, and guarantee overall factory safety.


Aware of these recent challenges, the company count on new technological solutions to improve their operations. When the company came to Glartek, the demand was widely presented: How to increase the efficiency of their Autonomous Maintenance Processes (AMP).

The key problem was decomposed into 4 different, but complementary, issues:

Reduced Mobility

AMP information access and verification length

No control

No control nor visibility over process execution


High training time and high error probability

Paper processes

Excessive bureaucracy and paper use

EDP Augmented and Connected team tools


Following the problem assessment, and finding Glartek’s perfect fitted product, the solution was progressively implemented. Field workers are now connected, guaranteeing real-time information access. And, without any help during their first round, the process completion time was reduced. 

  • Number of verification checkpoints reduced
  • Digitize all the collected data
  • Provide operational support
  • Augmented front-line workers with enhanced production capacities

Glartek's product reduced our maintenance tasks length by 80%, which increased our plant's overall efficiency. Additionally, workers without any experience with the equipment still managed to execute processes, which made us gain more flexibility and agility.


The implementation of digital processes, new mobility tools and Augmented Reality (AR) has provided the maintenance leader with the possibility of improve customers’ satisfaction, as well as ensure a more secure work environment for its front-line team. 

50 %

Training time reduced

70 %

Diagnostic & response time reduction

80 %

AMP execution time reduction

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