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Explore how Glartek’s solution can be a valuable addition to your team. Our innovative platform enhances safety and efficiency on shop floors and field activities, providing leaders worldwide with powerful tools to boost their operations.

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One platform for all your operations

Glartek is focused on the intersection between the Augmented Worker and the Connected Worker concepts to create digital products that improve the work of frontline workers as well as their managers and executives.

A continuous improvement, all-in-one platform

The Augmented & Connected Worker platform empowers your team to collaborate seamlessly and achieve maximum productivity. Regardless of your department or role, our platform equips you with the right tools to enhance your work environment and achieve operational excellence.

How does the Augmented & Connected Worker helps solve these challenges?

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Production Increase
10 %
Fewer Operators
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Error Rate
5 %
Fewer Unplanned Trips
60 %
Full Payback in First Year
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