The technological evolution in the manufacturing industry

From the Stream-Powered Industry to the age of the Augmented & Connected Worker

185 years separate the 1st and 3rd Industrial Revolutions. However, less than 50 years have gone by since the introduction of automated production (the 3rd Industrial Revolution) and the rise of augmented reality, digital solutions, cyber-physical systems, and AI in the industry (the 4th Industrial Revolution).

While the advancements in technology for general consumption are well-known and documented, the watershed moments that have enabled different industrial sectors to flourish and meet the increasing demand for goods are often overlooked. That is why we have put together some of the most important moments of the technological evolution in the industry.

In the latest stage of technological evolution in the industry, digital solutions based on augmented-reality functionalities have enabled the rise of the Augmented & Connected worker. This new industrial age is based on the mass digitization of paper processes (including Standard Operation Procedures, maintenance, training, and many other use cases) and the augmentation of workers’ skills.

As a result, businesses that have already entered this technological stage, have become more flexible, increased productivity, enabled the creation of more efficient tasks, and ensured the safety of workers. This is the new reality in the industry.

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