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2021: Industry 4.0 trends

During the last few years, Emerging technologies have been slowly gaining their way into the Industrial world. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, their popularity has significantly increased and a new digital era is finally starting to appear.

A successful Digital Transformation in 4 steps

Many businesses insist to maintain their paper-based processes and outdated practices, with the argument that changes are costly and demand training. However, it is not a choice anymore, but a mandatory step for companies.

Case Studies
Automotive leader increased productivity output by 3%.

With the goal of maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage, the company continuously improves its operations. The case study shows how even leaders can benefit from Industry 4.0 technologies to optimize results in different factories across the world.

CME implements glartek Technology Case Study
Case Studies
CME increases its daily routines speed with the Augmented & Connected Worker solution

The manufacturer designed and managed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in traditional IT tools. Read further to find out how the automotive leader achieved results by implementing an Augmented and Connected workforce.

Differences between technology realities

These three technologies, which are part of a broader concept called Extended Reality are still often mistaken. Read infographic to understand the differences between them all and their benefits for Industrial companies!

Digital transformation: The Industrial Race to Modernization

Digital Transformation is becoming part of the core strategy for companies to be successful. In the Industrial sector, it is clear that only a few companies have started their Transformation journey.

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