Glartek Documentation

Support Policy

Glarevision S.A. (“Glartek”) provides Support Services, through its Customer Service personnel, in the context of the installation, maintenance and usage of the Glartek software products and services. 
 Support Services are not provided for hardware, or third-party products and services. 


Glartek provides online access to the Documentation of its products and services, including tutorials, troubleshooting guides and Customer-specific documents. The Documentation is available in English language at 

Part or parts of the Documentation may be available only after login with customer credentials (provided by Account Manager or Partner Manager). 

Help Desk

Glartek Customer Service provides access to a Help Desk through a dedicated support email address, telephone line and web ticket platform. The Help Desk is available for initial reporting of Defects or Errors in the product that prevent it from operating substantially in conformity with the documentation, and inquiries regarding the ordinary use and operation of the product. 

 The Help Desk is available twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week throughout the year in all time zones where the Glartek products are used or from which it is operated from, including any public holidays. When the Customer reaches Glarevision S.A Customer Service personnel in its initial contact to the Help Desk, Glartek will commence Problem Diagnosis according to the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

Glartek may make available to a specific Customer, subject or not to additional fees, a Help Desk that supports other means of communication. 

 Support is only provided to Customer-designated employees or Consultant(s) who have been identified as a Customer Designated Representative by email notification from Customer to [email protected] or are a normal user of the Glartek products and services. Customer may change or identify additional Customer Designated Representatives by email notification to [email protected]. Other Users shall use the Documentation and rely on the Customer Designated Representatives for their support.  

 Glartek will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve any Error by Customer in accordance with the Support Request procedures set forth below, with fully documented and reproducible examples of the reported problem. Customer shall cooperate fully with Glartek in the provision of the Support service, including by providing Glartek, in a timely fashion, with such assistance and access to such Customer premises, systems, personnel and information, each as shall be reasonably required for the performance by Company of the Support Services. 

 The Customer Designated Representative may submit a Support Request to the Glartek Help Desk via the support e-mail address to [email protected] (available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese), via the designated telephone number provided by Account Manager / Partner Manager (available in English and Portuguese) or via the Web ticket platform access provided by account/partner manager (available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese). For Support Requests that Customer considers urgent, the Customer Designated Representative shall promptly notify its Glartek Account Manager / Partner Manager by telephone to confirm the receipt of the Support Request. 

 When submitting a Support Request, the Customer Designated Representative must furnish Glartek with all information and assistance needed by Glartek to address the reported issue, including by promptly furnishing sample input and output, providing assistance in isolating and reproducing the suspected Error, performing diagnostics and tests requested by Glartek, and carrying out any required remedial tasks requested by Glartek. 

 No Support Request may be initiated by a Customer Designated Representative directly to the Engineering or Product Management personnel or otherwise bypass the Glartek Help Desk. This includes all telephone, or e-mail contact of any kind on any subject. Glartek Help Desk personnel will be solely responsible for determining if and when any Support Request should be referred to the Engineering or Product Management personnel. 

Support SLA's

With respect to Defect or Errors properly reported by Customer in accordance with the terms of this Support Policy, Glartek will use commercially reasonable efforts to adhere to the timelines specified in Annex A 

 Glartek may make available to a specific Customer, subject or not to additional fees, a Help Desk that adheres to another SLA. 

Annex A – Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

Version: October 12th, 2023