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Use Case

Task duration log

What is the Task duration log process?

After each process execution, workers must report information about how the task was executed as well as the time taken per task, in order to guarantee information for management teams.
Tasks duration log is a useful tool that allows understanding the time spent on each task of a specific workflow. The information may be stored to be furtherly analyze, the performance measured, and decisions are taken.

To achieve an optimized time, SMED helps reducing the number of tasks, by cutting the ones that are not useful for changeovers, so the process becomes faster, easier and more efficient.

How areTask duration log implemented?

After the task execution, the worker must go to the validation point to provide information about the execution in a paper, for example how long the worker spent on that specific task and how he executed it.

This process is executed by each worker after he performed a specific task. It is a simple process but usually done away from the workplace. It follows 3 main steps:

  1. User/operator identification: To understand who has executed the task
  2. Process identification: To associated the worker’s actions to a specific process
  3. Workers log in and out, before and after the task
    The measurements can be done both on a computer, which usually there is only one available per team/section. Or, the time spent on different tasks may be written by the worker in papers, that is furtherly reported to a computer by a team leader, so decision-makers can have access to it.

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Digital Workflows

With step-by-step guidance and workflows that must be validated before passing to the next step, the duration of each task is registered automatically and in real-time.

Augmented Reality (AR)

STEP 2: Visual Guidance

To increase the veracity of the information, visual evidence such as photos or short films can be a requisite during the execution of the task, in order to be able to finish the workflow.


More visibility
More control

Reduced time

Measuring task duration log is esential for the majority of industrial companies, since the quicker the task is executed, the more productive a company could be. By providing tools that simply measure the execution time, visibility and control is highly increased. Additionally, workers’ experience is improved by reducing time lost with travels to the validation site. This will also reduce overall operational costs and time.

How can we help?

Tasks duration is measured in real time and place. Our platform allows not only to measure the time spent during the overall process, but also how much time workers use for each task register and validation. The time measurement is automatically done when workers validate the task in the workflow. Short videos can be asked for during the workflow to verify that workers are actually executing their tasks correctly. All the data is part of the platform, that centralizes both inputs and outputs and make it available in real-time, it becomes much faster, cleaner and relecvant the information support system for decision-makers.
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