IoT Platform

Software AG Cumulocity

Integrations Internet of Things (IoT) Software AG Cumulocity The platform extracts data from pre-determined equipment points, machinery, or devices through industrial protocols such as Modbus, CAN bus, and OPC-UA, without the need for extra development. As an IoT platform, its … Read More

Siemens IoT MindSphere

Integrations Internet of Things (IoT) Siemens IoT MindSphere As an IoT solution, MindSphere® uses both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to improve their IoT solutions. The solution is deployed on the Mendix application and, it connects assets and extracts data … Read More


Integrations Internet of Things (IoT) OSIsoft OSIsoft develops software that gathers data from industrial operations. It gathers, processes and analyzes data in real-time for different industries, such as utilities, pharmaceuticals, food, facilities, and more. The company provides software to connect … Read More

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Integrations Internet of Things (IoT) Microsoft Azure IoT Suite Microsoft Azure IoT platform collects metrics that are related to any device that is managed by an IoT system. The system guarantees that devices are connected with each other, and are … Read More

IBM Watson IoT

Integrations Internet of Things (IoT) IBM Watson IoT The IoT IBM Watson Platform collects data from equipment and devices to transform it into knowledge insights for processes. The platform is managed in a cloud service provided by IBM. The devices … Read More

Google Cloud IoT Core

Integrations Internet of Things (IoT) Google Cloud IoT Core Cloud IoT Core is an IoT service that extracts, connects, and manages data from different devices that are integrated into a single system that can be integrated with Google Analytics. The … Read More

GE Predix

Integrations Internet of Things (IoT) GE Predix GE Predix is an IoT platform that centralizes data from multiple devices, to apply analytics and improve decision-making according to the insights. The main goal of the platform is to monitor assets found … Read More

AWS IoT Core

Integrations Internet of Things (IoT) AWS IoT Core Amazon AWS IoT Core is an IoT system that connects devices and apps through a cloud system. The system can be integrated with other services from AWS, Amazon. For example, AWS Lambda … Read More