Internet of Thins (IoT)

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Microsoft Azure IoT platform collects metrics that are related to any device that is managed by an IoT system. The system guarantees that devices are connected with eachother, and are easily managed.

The application is compatible with different monitoring systems such as End-To-End Tracing for Java, Node, Go, Python, Ruby, PHP & .NET Apps. The montiroing system works in any stack or App and can be integrated with more than 400 other systems.

What is an IoT platform?

IoT Platforms receive relevant data from devices to implement specific service logic and to present valuable information in graphical formats. Industrial IoT platforms expand the capabilities of the base concept to improve asset management and increase operational visibility and control of asset-intensive industries.

How Glartek products integrate with IoT platforms?
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  • Consumes IoT data so the operators can visualise and validate it in 2D and AR

  • Produces data that can be forward to IoT platforms for further analysis..

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  • Data is presented during the session to help guiding workers through resolution

  • IoT information can be visualized in both 2D and Augmented Realiy elements

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  • Collects Data from the shopfloor with a specific Industrial protocols so data is forward to an IoT platform.

  • Industrial protocols include Modbus,OPC-UA, and others.

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