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SAP is an ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning”) software that helps companies manage their data collected across different business areas.

Industrial IoT Gateway


Kepware is software for Industrial solutions and IoT that allows communication between hardware and software. The platform provides data from all applications through an OPC client-server technology, in which one application provides the data and the other one, as a client, uses the data.

Industrial IoT Gateway

Bosch IoT Gateway

Bosch IoT Gateway Software us an OSGI-Based (Open Service Gateway initiative based on Java) service. It is an edge-computing middleware platform that can be deployed on more than 40 devices.

Document Management

Google Drive

Google Drive is the data storage cloud software provided by Google, to both independent users and companies. The Cloud software allows users to store, share, create and collaborate on files through their mobile and computer devices.

Document Management


Dropbox is a cloud storage tool used by businesses to organize and manage their information across the company. The data storage software combines content and tools already used by the team.



SAP MES (Manufacturing Execution) is an SAP system that aims to respond to manufacturing industry-specific needs. The goal is to provide visibility over components and materials from global facilities.


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