Gemba Walk

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What is a Gemba Walk?

A Gemba walk is a lean management practice originating from Japanese manufacturing. The term “Gemba” means “actual place” in Japanese. It involves physically going to the location where work is done to observe and understand how the processes are conducted in order to gain insights to make informed decisions to improve and optimize operations. 

During this walk, leaders and managers interact with employees, gather data, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement in order to enhance efficiency, quality, and safety in the workplace.

Gemba walk Template

What does a Gemba Walk Procedure looks like?

Gemba Walk Template


Try to understand the process and how it is performed.

Gemba Walk Template


Try to determine the most common problems and how they are solved.

Gemba Walk template


Try to understand which tools are required, how they are used, and what needs are pending.


Discuss and understand which improvements can be made and which ones are a top priority.

Gemba Walk Template
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Gemba Template


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Gemba Walk Template Procedure

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