Incident Reporting Template

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What is an incident reporting Procedure?

Incident reporting is a procedure for reporting occurrences and requires recording every detail related. That includes capturing, recording, and managing all information possible for future statistical analysis and compliance.

Incident Reporting

How does a Incident Reporting looks like in the Connected Worker platform?

By digitize the process in the platform it will be available on the mobile applications of all employees devices. All the incidents can then be analyzed in detail and managers can create advanced statistics and reports.

Incident Reporting Procedure Template


Report the most important details such as the type of accident, possible human injuries, damage to machinery, and the status of the production line.


Give more factual details about what happened, how it happened, and possible photographic evidence of the incident.


Report eyewitness accounts and take note of their information and understand if the incident was recorded.

Incident reporting template
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Incident Reporting Procedure Template

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