Operator Round Procedure Templa

Operator Round Template

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What is an Operator Round Procedure?

Operator round procedures are used in industrial facilities to ensure that equipment and machinery and other importante assets are operating correctly and efficiently. 

Typically, involves a trained operator that conduct various inspections, tests and checks on a specific facility area, line or equipment. Maintenance, safety, and quality technicians regularly conduct operator rounds to identify potential maintenance interventions and safety and compliance issues. 

Operator Round Procedure Templa

How does an Operator Round Procedure looks like?

By digitising the procedure in the platform, frontline workers will be able to know which steps to follow to guarantee a correct process execution due to real-time guidance supported by digital tools that increase workers’ autonomy and efficiency.

Template for a general Operator Round Procedure


Ensuring that all security measures are in place before starting the tour.

Operator Round Procedure template


Checking if all the equipment in the analysed section is working properly.

Operator Round Procedure Template


Understand if the operation is being performed within the predefined parameters.

Operator Round Procedure Templa


Understand if quality controls are being performed and if the results are within the predefined parameters.

Operator Round Procedure Templa


Analyse the cleanliness of the section under scrutiny and determine if there are any contamination or injury hazards.

Operator Round Procedure Templa
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Operator Round Procedure Templa


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Operator Round Procedure Template

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