Operator Rounds

Operator Rounds can be digitized with the Augmented & Connected Worker increasing efficiency, guidance, and safety to guarantee a correct process execution.

What is are Operator Rounds?

Maintenance, Safety, and Quality technicians regularly conduct operator rounds to identify potential maintenance interventions and safety and compliance issues. Round implementation is done using paper checklists or notes, so workers who execute the round can write notes about what they see as out of the ordinary.
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Operator round in 4 steps
How are operator rounds implemented?
Technicians follow a predefined route regularly and inspect the previously selected points of interest. Managers keep track of progress and can change routes and points of interest on request. Paper-based operator rounds are made up of 4 main steps: Managers or supervisors create a checklist/form The operator executes the round and writes the observations on a paper sheet In case there are doubts, the worker must stop the journey and ask for guidance The worker delivers the checklist to their manager, who will then incorporate it into an ERP system or other management tool

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

Route Definition

Workers can define the exact route and each of the steps of the rounds using a digital platform. Managers can access and monitor data from the process.

Operator Round
Operator round digital instructions
Digital Work Instructions

All rounds can transition into a digital format with higher mobility. Rounds are standardized and operators can access the route in real time on their devices during execution.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

Digital operator rounds,  made possible by Industry 4.0, are a new reality. Process configuration is made easy using a digital platform, and, all operators can access it in real time. Operator rounds are essential to increase the safety of the installations and to identify any issues before they can cause a problem.

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How can Glartek help?

The Augmented & Connected Worker transforms operator rounds. Augmented reality aids task execution and visualizes project progress. Glartek’s mobility apps offer AR guidance, ensuring operators locate points of interest. Automation utilizes past data or IoT inputs for efficiency.


Download your detailed Operator Round procedure template and import it into The Augmented & Connected Worker platform.

Operator Round Procedure Template

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