Safety Prevention Observation Procedure Template

Safety Prevention Observation Procedure Template

Safety Prevention Observation

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What is a Safety Observation Procedure?

Safety Observation is an industrial process that allows an organization to proactively identify and address potential safety hazards and risks before they lead to accidents or injuries. 

This procedure involves observing work activities, behaviours, equipment, and the work environment in general to identify safe conditions and behaviours. This will allow companies to take corrective actions to prevent accidents from occurring. 

Safety Prevention Observation Procedure Template
How does a Digital Safety Observation procedure looks like in the Connected Worker platform?
Digitising this procedure in the Augmented & Connected Worker platform, enhance efficiency, data accuracy, and accessibility. It enables real-time data analysis and standardised reporting . It also makes it possible to report on-the-spot from the shop floor possible identified problems to prevent incidents.

Safety Prevention Observation Template


Observe the overall cleanliness of the workstation and the conditions in which tasks are carried out. 


Examine if the PPE is being used and its condition.

Safety Prevention Observation Procedure Template


Observe that the machinery is in good condition and adheres to the safety settings.


Analyze the working practices of the employees and understand if they are carrying out the right ways to do it safely.

Safety Prevention Observation Procedure Template


Understand how prepared workers are to carry out the activity to which they are signed.


Understand whether both the workers and their surrounding work environment are prepared to respond successfully to possible emergencies. 

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Safety Prevention Observation Procedure Template


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Safety Prevention Observation Procedure Template
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