Self-inspection Template

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What is an inspection?

A Self-Inspection procedure is a systematic process by which a facility or department assesses its own compliance with safety, health, and operational standards. These procedures are conducted by internal personnel and are a vital component of the organization’s overall safety management systems. It provides a regular evaluation of workplace conditions, by identifying potential hazards and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Normally involves a structured checklist with a set of key inspection points such as electrical and fire safety, emergency protocols, and overall compliance with industry regulations. The goal is to proactively address any issues, implement corrective actions, and continuously improve safety practices to maintain a safe work environment. 

How does a Digital Inspection looks like?

Digitizing this procedure in the Augmented & Connected Worker platform will streamline the process and reduce your paper usage. With this solution, frontline workers have a step-by-step guidance solution that will improve their autonomy, efficiency, and safety. Managers will be able to have real-time knowledge of the shop floor conditions due to real-time reporting, allowing immediate inspection results and assigning of high-priority issues. Organizations will be capable of capturing valuable data and instantly implementing corrective actions.

Self-Inspection Template


Assess the general conditions and the state of the shop floor.


Evaluate the cleanliness, organization and tidiness of the sites or elements under analysis.


Assess if everything is in order, available, and unobstructed in case of an emergency.


Check the equipment safety conditions and workers’ safety skills.


Assess the condition and safety of electrical panels and cables.


Evaluate how hazardous materials are managed and handled. 


Assess the existing fire safety components and their condition.


Check if the safety regulations are visible and are being carried in accordance. 

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Self-Inspection Procedure Template

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