Use Case

Knowledge management Change management manufacturing procedures

Knowledge and Document Management

Empowering Manufacturing Excellence  Effortless Shopfloor Document Management Simplify Daily Operations with Glartek: Centralize Knowledge, Streamline Processes, and Boost Productivity WATCH DEMO VIDEO THE SOLUTION FOR DOCUMENT & KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Why are global leaders using Glartek platform? Execution speed The platform … Read More

Manufacturing Training Training and skills management Skills matrix Induction training

Training and Skills Management

Empowering Manufacturing Excellence  Your Training and Skills management solution Enhance daily operations with Glartek: a no-code, integrated, customizable solution. Improve team training, cut paperwork, for easier, safer, more productive days. WATCH DEMO VIDEO THE ACW FOR TRAINING & SKILLS MANAGEMENT … Read More

connected worker digital work instructions Manufacturing digital instructions work orders

Digital Work Instructions

Empowering Manufacturing Excellence  Go paperless today Simplify your daily operations with Glartek. Create digital work instructions, eliminate paperwork, and boost productivity effortlessly. WATCH DEMO VIDEO DIGITIZE WORK INSTRUCTIONS, ORDERS AND WORKFLOWS Why are global leaders using Glartek platform? Execution speed … Read More

Manufacturing monitoring, reports analytics Business Intelligence Operations monitoring

Monitoring, Reports, and Analytics

Empowering Manufacturing Excellence  Monitoring, Reports and Analytics in one place Streamline paperwork, centralize information, provide execution evidence, and generate comprehensive reports for manufacturing operations. WATCH DEMO VIDEO THE SOLUTION FOR MONITORING, REPORTS AND ANALYTICS Why are global leaders using Glartek … Read More

Visual Remote Assistance Manufacturing shopfloor assistance Remote Assistance

Visual Remote Assistance

Empowering Manufacturing Excellence  Cut out unnecessary travel with remote assistance Glartek simplifies daily operations, enhancing company-wide collaboration with visual remote assistance for frontline workers, for a safer, more productive life. WATCH DEMO VIDEO THE SOLUTION FOR VISUAL REMOTE ASSISTANCE Why … Read More

Manufacturing team and task management Operations management Shopfloor operations management

Team & Task Management

Empowering Manufacturing Excellence  Manage your tasks & team in one place Glartek simplifies daily operations, managing teams and tasks, ditching paperwork for safer, more productive days. WATCH DEMO VIDEO THE PLATFORM FOR DIGITAL WORK INSTRUCTIONS Why are global leaders using … Read More