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Glartek Connected Worker Platform
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Achieve full visibility over all operations

Achieve full visibility over your tasks, operations, and team. Know what your team planned, past and ongoing tasks, where they are, and how each team member operates in just one place.

Ensure your results improve continuously

Digital work instructions and AR Checklists will be your frontline team’s new ally. With this solution, workers are guided across shop floors and supported by digital tools during task execution.

Increase revenue with a more productive workforce

Review your team’s planned tasks, track their progress, and analyze their performance. You can also organize your team’s agenda, set alerts & notifications, and visualize all operations.

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Why are manufacturing directors choosing Glartek?
  • Increase in productivity by 18%
  • Payback achieved in less than 6 months
  • Increase in operational speed by 4x and errors and downtime reduced to 9%

“Glartek helped us increase our overall efficiency and quality KPIs. Digitizing our SOPs on the platform allowed us to quickly perform updates and react to changes, which were promptly communicated to the shop floor.”

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