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Glartek Connected Worker Platform
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Work autonomously with increased support and guidance

Access all relevant information using a single digital guidance platform. Digital and augmented work instructions, checklists, and step-by-step guides provide you with increased autonomy to perform more tasks with less training.

Access your agenda, tasks and specific workflows at any time

The platform allows you to manage your tasks, review procedures, and create customized workflows using mobile devices. You can also consult past and track ongoing processes.

Contact specialists in seconds for accurate support

Using Visual Remote Assistance, you can create augmented video sessions with specialists to help resolve unexpected issues, perform set-ups, or carry out maintenance tasks.

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Why are frontline workers choosing Glartek?
  • Increase in productivity by 18%
  • Payback achieved in less than 6 months
  • Increase in operational speed by 4x and errors and downtime reduced to 9%

“Glartek helped us increase our overall efficiency and quality KPIs. Digitizing our SOPs on the platform allowed us to quickly perform updates and react to changes, which were promptly communicated to the shop floor.”

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