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Use Case


What is the Commissioning process?

Tasks to install/setup correctly a machine or an equipment at the end-customer site. May be performed by the manufacturer, by a partner or by the customer.

Comissioning Use Case

How is commissioning implemented?

Instruction documents, with typical warnings, required tools, drawings, step-by-step guides and other information required to perform correctly the commissioning. It may include other processes such as checklists and inspections.

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Process Digitalization

Commissioning can be highly complex, following detailed procedures to perform the setup and to test all the operational components. Thus, the first step is to digitize all the processes necessary for the procedure.

Augmented Reality (AR)

STEP 2: Augmented Reality (AR)

Industry 4.0 and Glartek products can assist all the planning, scheduling and the correct execution of all the activities.


Knowledge retention

Uniform execution


With Industry 4.0 tools, knowledge retention is optimized and accelerated. Learning becomes more efficient and uniform, since comissioning can be highly complex and detailed which reduces error.

How can we help?

Augmented Reality technology helps execute the correct tasks at any given time and to visualise the digital twin of the progress of commissioning project. Our remote assistance product connects the manufacturer with the installer to increase the speed of the commissioning process.
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