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Tech Innovation Unveiled: Portugal's 360 Industry Showcase at Exponor

The 360 Tech Industry 2024 Fair at Exponor in Portugal is a comprehensive showcase of the latest technological advancements spanning multiple industries, offering attendees a unique opportunity to explore innovation, network with industry leaders, and gain insights into emerging trends shaping the future. 

22-23 May 2024

10AM to 6PM

Startup HubTech

Exponor, Matosinhos

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Visit us on two main locations!

Startup HUB
Connected Worker Solution

Location: Startup HUB HT 12

What to Expect: Experience our step-by-step guidance and digital work orders in action. Our demos will highlight how the Connected Worker solution enhances inspection and assembly procedures through detailed digital instructions while having back-office real-time updates.

Feature Demos: Digital Work Orders & Step-by-Step Guidance

In Collaboration with Erofio

Location: Erofio Stand

What to Expect: Discover the future of manufacturing with our demonstration of 3D models and AR (Augmented Reality) guidance. In collaboration with Erofio, we will showcase how 3D visualisation and AR can transform complex workflows and improve training and efficiency. 

Feature Demos: 3D Modeling Capabilities & AR Guidance 

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