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The solution merges Connected Worker tech with Augmented Reality for real-time collaboration, boosting efficiency and productivity. Check out the full 10-minute demo for details!

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In this 10-minute demo video, you’ll dive into the Augmented & Connected Worker platform and explore:

  • Digitalization
  • 2D and AR Execution (across smartphones, tablets, wearables, and stationary screens)
  • Visual Remote Assistance Add-On
  • Monitoring and Analytics


Changing the Industry one use case at a time

5S Audit

5S Audit procedures can be digitized using the Augmented & Connected Worker Platform to increase efficiency and guarantee a correct audit execution.


Digital and augmented SOPs help ensure workers’ safety and efficiency by augmenting their skills to ensure error-free executions and contextualized information.


LOTO procedures are optimized to ensure workers can clearly visualize the entire procedure and are supported in real-time by digital and augmented information.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance procedures are digitized to help reduce costs, erros, and increase efficiency by introducing digita work instructions and IoT data.


Why are Worldwide Leaders using Glartek's Platform?

End paper-based processes

Migrate from paper to digital with a no-code, customisable platform.

Empower your team

Support your team’s autonomous and no-error operations with digital instructions.

Optimize operations management

Manage tasks, teams, assets, inventory and much more in a single platform.

Reduce skills gap

Reduce the gap between skills and capabilities with real-time guidance and assistance.

Ensure 24/7 support

Improve collaboration between experts, technicians, field workers and customers using Visual Remote Assistance.

Save time & costs

Avoid expensive and lengthy bureaucratic procedures that impact operations.

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Here's why you should download our DEMO Video:

  • Transform your daily operations
  • Witness how major features such as team management, real-time collaboration, and AI/Machine Learning, among others, impact your daily operations
  • Explore the platform and all its dimensions in a 10-minute end-to-end demo

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