Glartek addresses emerging industry needs with its Augmented & Connected Worker platform release

Glartek, leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for field services, the asset-intensive and manufacturing industries, unveiled a major Augmented & Connected Worker platform release. The promising solution is changingthe way industrial operations are perceived.

GlarVision improves industrial efficiency by providing tools to front-line workers, making them more productive, faster, and safer. It provides digital customizable work instructions, checklists, and guidance tools on any device (AR Glasses, Mobile, Tablets).

The Augmented & Connected Worker Platform addresses different use cases. The no-code and the customizable solution turn out to be the best option for any industrial company. Companies often struggle with a lot of different processes, with a high complexity level. GlarVision platform is the most adequate platform to help companies with complex processes. For example, inspections, audits, production, problem reporting, and resolution, or maintenance procedures, changeovers. And, most importantly, the platform avoids long time-consuming training for new operators.


The latest major GlarVision, Glartek’s Augmented & Connected Worker platform release included:

  • Actions: Besides being able to customize issues, tasks, or workflows, reset, cancel, or pause them, the user can now conclude a specific process leaving an action on standby behind if needed. In case any worker is not able to execute an input, an automatic action can be started and kept for later.
  • Alerts: The user can create alerts to any input element that requires special attention. For example, if an inspection process must be executed before an audit visit, an alert can be defined to ensure the realization of that task. Additionally, specific permissions can be defined for each alert.
  • Group notifications: In case any manager needs to create a generic action and notify all workers from a specific area, it becomes now possible to do so with Glartek’s Augmented & Connected worker platform, by creating group notifications.
  • Import information: To ensure an optimal user experience, information can be imported from other fonts, for example, excel files, documents, or any other.

“GlarVision is one of the most promising Augmented & Connected Platforms in the market. With an application, that is compatible with different devices, the tool supports front-line workers operations. At the same time, the backoffice allows managers to organize and specify digital processes and is becoming highly competitive. The product continues to evolve to address the most demanding needs of the industrial use cases. At the same time supporting advanced technologies that support workers’ daily jobs.” said Luís Murcho, Glartek’s Co-founder and COO. 


Glartek, founded in 2017, is a leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the Industry. Its mission is to increase the efficiency and safety of industrial processes. Glartek’s software solutions combine the AR and Internet of Things (IoT) domains to bring visibility, optimization, and reassurance of field operations. Its wide range of customers varies from asset-intensive companies such as EDP and Manufacturing companies, such as Renault. Glartek is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, and has raised over €1.5M in venture capital.