Glartek’s Augmented & Connected Worker Solution helps Plastic Energy Accelerate Training Programme

Glartek has partnered with Plastic Energy to digitize and improve the efficiency of its training procedures and daily routines.

Lisbon, Portugal – 22th June 2023 – Glartek, a leading Augmented Reality (AR) solution provider for asset-intensive and the manufacturing industries, has partnered with Plastic Energy to digitize and improve the efficiency of its training procedures and daily routines.

Plastic Energy is the world’s leading chemical recycling company with a decade-long history of success in Spain’s industrial sector, operating two advanced industrial recycling plants. 

Glartek technology is helping Plastic Energy to digitize its on-the-job training and shop floor procedures. The goal is enhance the training and skills management of its teams through comprehensive information and streamlined digital processes. By implementing this technology at Plastic Energy, Glartek was able to help decrease training time, requirements, and errors. In addition, real-time guidance, supported by digital tools, has increased worker autonomy, leading to greater productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, through the implementation of the Augmented & Connected Worker solution, Glartek was able to help Plastic Energy managers effectively plan and monitor training sessions. Consequently, by accessing centralized information, matrix skills, and others, Plastic Energy managers are now able to schedule, manage, and create personalized training programs with greater efficiency.

Thanks to the implementation of Glartek’s new Augmented Reality solution, front-line workers can now undergo training that is faster, contextualized, and highly efficient. They benefit from enhanced guidance and mobility through augmented reality, enabling them to carry out standardized processes. As a result, Glartek’s solution has contributed to Plastic Energy reduce errors, even among newer workers, and increase operational efficiency overall, contributing to the achievement of operational excellence.

“We are very happy to have the privilege of working with the world’s leading chemical recycling company and to be part of their digital transformation journey. We are looking forward to help Plastic Energy improve its training processes and increasing the efficiency of its shopfloor operations through the digitalization of procedures and contextualized guidance provided by the Augmented & Connected Worker. “

 Bruno Duarte, CEO, Glartek

About Glartek

Glartek, founded in 2017, is a leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the Industry and its mission is to increase the efficiency and safety of industrial processes. Glartek’s software solutions combine the Augmented and Connected Worker domains to bring visibility, optimization, and reassurance of field operations. Its wide range of customers vary from asset-intensive companies such as EDP and Manufacturing companies, such as Renault. Glartek is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, and has raised over €1.5M in venture capital.