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Maintenance, production, safety, quality, inspection, audits and much more procedures can be digitised with the new Augmented & Connected Worker solution.

What is a Cleaning Procedure?

Cleaning processes follow a sequence that allows workplaces to be organized, clean, and free of unnecessary tools, materials, or equipment that can delay the flow of operations, or endanger teams’ work. Every worker is responsible for sanitizing and tidying their stations. Additionally, field operators must also identify major cleaning activities they can perform themselves.
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How is the Cleaning implemented?
To maintain a clean factory, workers use paper-based checklists with step-by-step guides. The guides include information about the best practices to tidy up the section, sweep the floor, and put away unnecessary equipment, among others. To maximize the efficiency of cleaning processes, it is crucial to create and implement schedules with information regarding the frequency of such sessions. In addition, supervisors must define a worker responsible for this process, as well as the actions and precautions to be taken during the process. To ensure efficiency, these types of procedures are carried out “as you go”, meaning each person is responsible for detecting cleaning needs and acting on them. However, to avoid hindering operations, this type of sporadic tidying should be complemented with a pre-defined schedule to plan these activities.

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

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Process digitalization is the new reality in the digital era of the industry. Existing processes can be digitized, while workers can be provided with new checklists, with different input options and workflows. Additionally, as they start the cleaning process, operators can access step-by-step workflows to ensure the correct execution of tasks.

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Automated reports

The creation of automatic reports helps better understand the duration and impact of tidying processes in the greater scheme of daily operations. Moreover, in order to avoid underestimating these procedures, it is important to maintain control over the correct execution of cleaning operations.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

Tidy workplaces translate into an increase in productivity. With the correct checklists, tidying procedures will be promptly carried out, which will ultimately translate into improved satisfaction, efficiency, and safety in the workplace. In the long run, the digitization of procedures will directly impact the costs of replacing or repairing equipment and the time spent on deep-cleaning processes.

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How can Glartek help?

Our products include a digital platform for process digitization. By using our app, while executing tasks, workers can access relevant information, checklists, and workflows in real time. Additionally, workers will see information in the form of visual outputs, which makes it simple to analyze tasks’ duration and their potential for automation (which could translate into an increase in productivity).

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