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Maintenance national reference highly reduced operations' execution time with Industry 4.0 technology

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Company Background

Industry 4.0 technology has provided widespread change in the industrial landscape all over the world. The sector became more modern, dynamic, and more innovative.

Sotécnica provides maintenance services for a wide class of clients. With more than 65 years, the company has 6 sites in Portugal and has a presence in three countries around the world.

The Challenge

As a part of a sector with a high human resources turnover that has been adopting Industry 4.0 technology, keeping knowledge and experience inside the company proved to be costly and time-consuming. The challenge was demanding: How to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction with no errors and fast maintenance processes?

Response time

Slow response time to any problem reported by frontline workers or customers.

Operations' safety

Frontline workers' safety was compromised due to the lack of know-how

Continuous improvement

Lack of continuous improvement measures due to uncentralized data and lack of automated analytics

EDP Augmented and Connected team tools

The solution

The main goal was to provide support to the workforce, so they could execute standalone tasks, reducing unnecessary costs and time.
The solution was based on four aspects:

  • One platform with a data management system
  • Preventive rounds with Augmented Reality (AR) support
  • Execution proof and control
  • Ending bureaucracy

With Glartek, we reduced training efforts and guaranteed greater flexibility in assigning maintenance tasks to different employees. At the same time, field employees perform tasks with greater speed and quality and managers can focus on the return generated by the tasks.

The Augmented & Connected Worker Benefits

The implementation of digital processes, new mobility tools, and Augmented Reality (AR) has provided the maintenance leader with the possibility of improving customers’ satisfaction, as well as ensuring a more secure work environment for its frontline team.

20 %

Optimization process time

20 x

Faster access to information

100 %

Execution visibility and control

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  • Higher response time through alarm system integration

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