shutdown turnaround process

Shutdown & Turnaround

A Shutdown & Turnaround process is a planning process in which an industrial facility goes through a scheduled shutdown in order to perform maintenance tasks that couldn’t be performed otherwise.

permit-to-work safety use case


The Permit-to-work process is fundamental to guarantee the success of daily operations and help make them safer and more efficient.

Safety Prevention Observations

Safety Preventive Observation is an industrial process that allows an organization to boost safety patterns based on behavior. In a Preventive Observation, usual work practices behaviors, both safe and unsafe, are identified.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a safety measured process that has the main goal to identify potential risks that are present in the workplace. These are identified according to non-conformity situations, processes, or equipment that may cause particular harm to workers.


“Poka-Yoke”, which means “error prevention” in Japanese, is a process used to prevent and solve defects during production helping reduce the need for posterior quality inspections.


Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

The Lockout/Tagout procedure aims to ensure that no equipment contains any “hazardous energy”, including chemical, hydraulic, or electrical.