Safety Prevention Observation

Maintenance, production, safety, quality, inspection, audits and much more procedures can be digitised with the new Augmented & Connected Worker solution.

What is a Safety Prevention Observation?

Safety Preventive Observation is an industrial process enhancing safety behaviors. It identifies both safe and unsafe work practices. Implementation aims to foster a safety culture involving all levels of the organization. Initially, influential personnel like managers or safety experts lead the process.

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How safety prevention observations are implemented?

The goal of this process is to create both a safety culture. The process information can be evaluated into a long-term perspective to avoid and prevent future problems to happen.

Most organisations are not able to identify true risk while engaging in the process which translates into a lack of capacity to detect event incidents, injuries or potential dangerous.

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

Digital Work Instructions

The observation process can be digitised and organised through workflows on the Augmented & Connected Worker platform. Checklists can be created to provide guidance and mobility and ensure the correct execution of the process on a step-by-step basis. In more complex manufacturing processes observations it is even possible to use guidance makers through Augmented Reality to increase guidance.

Safety Prevention Observation
Data and Collaboration Safety Prevention Observation
Real-time data and collaboration

Digitising the procedure also provides data in real time allowing to quickly define and implement corrective measures to anticipate incidents. Workers can quickly report safety observations in real-time directly to the responsible teams. This enables efficient communication between teams and a fluid reporting of safety concerns to relevant personnel.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

The procedure digitalisation streamlines the entire observation process, enhancing consistency and standardisation of the procedure. It can be used by all management layers in real-time, which enables an efficient communication between teams and a fluid reporting of safety concerns to relevant personnel. Digitising the procedure also facilitates data recording and analysis, reducing administrative delays and allowing faster and informed decision making.

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How can Glartek help?

With Glartek digital processes are a new reality. The new Augmented & Connected worker performs better, with the support of digital processes, enabling a never seen before mobility. The Glartek platform can centralize all the tasks to easily allow scheduling and easy calendar optimisation of all the related LOTO and maintenance processes.


Download your detailed Safety Prevention Observation  procedure template and import it into the Augmented & Connected Worker platform. Additionally, you can also read our blogposts and learn more about how to migrate procedures from paper to digital.

Safety Prevention Observation Template

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