Comissioning process


Use Case Commissioning More use cases What is the Commissioning process? Tasks to install/setup correctly a machine or an equipment at the end-customer site. May be performed by the manufacturer, by a partner or by the customer. How is commissioning … Read More

shutdown turnaround process

Shutdown & Turnaround

Use Case Shutdown & Turnaround More use cases What is the Shutdown & Turnaround process? A Shutdown & Turnaround process is a planning process in which an industrial facility goes through a scheduled shutdown in order to perform maintenance tasks … Read More



Use Case Inspections More use cases What is the Inspections process? Inspections are carried out by frontline workers to identify any potential issues before they occur. These can be done to the industrial facility, specific machinery or process. How is … Read More

Logbook Analytics example


Use Case Logbook More use cases What is the Logbook process? The logbook is used to record all relevant events and states of a specific facility or manufacturing activity, to notify the remaining employees and for future reference. How is … Read More

Task duration log

After each process execution, workers must report information about how the task was executed as well as the time taken per task, in order to guarantee information for management teams.


Use Case Poka-Yoke More use cases What is a Poka-Yoke process? “Poka-Yoke”, which means “error prevention” in Japanese, is the process that is used to prevent and solve defaults during the production, which reduces the need of quality inspections aftewards. … Read More