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Use Case


What is the Logbook process?

In the Industry, Logbooks are often referred to as one of the tools used for our continuous improvement strategy. Logbooks are the place where all relevant information is recorded and gathered about specific events and states of a specific facility, or, manufacturing activity.

The tool is then used to notify remaining employees, or, for further reference for other processes or, decisions.

Logbook use case

How is Logbook implemented?

In the Logbook process, events and states are recorded in a book or documents to be accessed by other interested parties.

Logbooks are often done manually. Checklists, reports, and forms are created and must be filled b front-line workers while executing a task.

Moreover, the created lists must be printed, scanned, sent, and stored by workers.

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Create the Logbook

Electronic logbooks add value by having features such as automated recording, search, classification, statistics and automatic reports, available on the backoffice or the mobility application.

STEP 2: Automate the recordings

Automate the recording of some events based on the location or behaviour of technicians and based on the data received from the machines.


Knowledge retention

Uniform execution
Advanced records

Being able to create a list, share information, and gathering all information in real-time is becoming more important every day. With Industry 4.0 tools, Logbooks add value by automating the recording of some events based on the data received. Alerts and notifications can be manually or automatically triggered.

How can we help?

By using the Logbook to record all relevant events and states of a specific facility or manufacturing activity, all the information is available to all parties. Glartek can automate the recording of events, locations and behaviours and set alarms and notifications.

Find out more about how to optimize your Logbook process with Industry 4.0 technologies!