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What is a Logbook?

Industrial Logbooks are often referred to as one of the tools used for continuous improvement strategies. Logbooks gather and store all relevant information about specific events and states of a specific facility, or, manufacturing activity.

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How is a Logbook procedure implemented?

In the Logbook process, events and states are recorded in a book or documents to be accessed by other interested parties.

Logbooks are often done manually. Checklists, reports, and forms are created and must be filled by frontline workers while executing a task. Moreover, these lists must be printed, scanned, sent, and stored by workers.

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

Digital Logbooks

Digital logbooks add value by featuring functionalities such as automated recording, search, classification, statistics, and automatic reports. These features are available in the back office or directly on the mobile application.

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Automated recordings, evidence and reports

Automate the recording of some events according to their location, the behavior of technicians, and the data received from the machines.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

Being able to create a list, share information, and gather all information in real time is becoming increasingly important. With Industry 4.0 tools, Logbooks add value by automating the recording of events based on the data received. Alerts and notifications can be manually or automatically triggered.

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How can Glartek help?

By using a digital Logbook to record all relevant events and states of a specific facility or manufacturing activity, information will be available to all parties in real time. Glartek’s platform can automate the recording of events, locations, and behaviors and set alarms and notifications.

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