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Use Case


What is the Inspections process?

Inspections are carried out by frontline workers to identify any potential issues before they occur. These can be done to the industrial facility, specific machinery or process.


How is inspections process implemented?

An inspection process can be executed at any time, or in a routine. In any case, workers need to verify pre-determined steps and fill inspection notes to deliver to their supervisor.

Workers follow a predefined set of steps, at a specific place or following a specific route, and at a predefined periodicity. Throughout the process, workers inspect hands-on or visually the points of interest and capture any relevant metrics.

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Process Digitalization

Glartek products can digitize the inspections' processes and help workers perform the correct process, at the correct place and at the correct time.

STEP 2: Augmented Reality (AR) and Automated reports

Automatic reports are generated so data is displayed in a visual way that facilitates both comprehension and analysis. AR guides the workers step-by-step to correctly and safely execute the inspection process.


More control

Avoid downtime

Increased productivity

The process can be digitized, becoming more uniform, and easy to execute with data displayed in real-time. In addition, Augmented Reality guides the workers to execute the tasks correctly, capturing evidence and guaranteeing the safety of the employees.

How can we help?

Ou digital Augmented & Connected workers platforms allow to the creation of checklists, visual guidance for any worker to proceed with an efficient inspection routine. Moreover, our visual remote assistance product – GlarAssist – connects field workers with experts to help inspect and fix problems faster. Therefore, it is possible to find problems more quickly and ensure that they are well fixed by experience and guided workers.

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