Inspection procedures can be digitized with the Augmented & Connected Worker increasing efficiency, accuracy, standardisation,  and compliance,  to guarantee a correct inspection execution.

What is an inspection?

Inspections are carried out by frontline workers and seek to identify potential issues before they occur, minimising risks and prevent costly incidents. They are a systematic process designed to assess and ensure safety, quality, and compliance of equipment.  These can target industrial facilities, specific machinery, or processes.

shutdown turnaround process
How is the Shutdown & Turnaround implemented?

An inspection process can be executed at any time, or as part of a pre-defined routine. Either way, workers will need to follow pre-determined steps and fill out inspection notes to be delivered to their supervisor.

Workers follow a predefined set of steps, at a specific place or follow a specific route, and according to a predefined periodicity. During the process, workers perform hands-on or visual inspections of the points of interest and capture any relevant metrics.

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

Digital Work Instructions

Digitize your inspection processes will help workers perform the correct process, at the correct place and at the correct time. The Augmented & Connected worker platform allows for the creation of checklists and 2D and AR step by step visual guidance so that any worker can correctly and safely perform inspection routines. 

Inspection Procedure
Real Time Inspection Data
Real-time operational data captured

Inspection results can be instantly shared due to automatic reports and visual data dashboards, allowing for swift resolution of potential issues and quicker decision-making.  It also enables real-time problem reporting through visual remote assistance or by sending immediate alerts through actions to relevant personnel.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

Digitalising your inspections with our platform will simplify shop-floor inspections and improve standardisation and compliance.  At the same time, provides extra guidance to workers to help them execute the tasks correctly, and improves cross-function collaboration allowing problems to be reported in real time and resolved promptly.


Download your detailed PPE Inspection procedure template and import it into The Augmented & Connected Worker platform. You can also read our blogpost and learn more about how to migrate PPE Inspection from paper to digital.

PPE Inspection Template

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