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The Augmented & Connected Worker main use cases

Revolutionize your manufacturing frontline Team with the Augmented & Connected Worker solution, fostering leadership, efficiency, and innovation on the factory floor

Glartek Connected Worker Platform
Leaders in transforming manufacturing workforce

Transform all your paper procedures into a single Augmented & Connected Worker solution to achieve real-time visibility, support for execution, and global process optimization.


Your all-in-one Augmented & Connected Worker platform
Paperwork reduction

Eliminate all paper procedures in your Industry in a matter of minutes.

Paper reduction

Digitize all your industrial procedures, from maintenance, production, safety, taining and muh more.

Payback in 6 months

Our no-code solution has proven to provide a return on investment for our customers in less than 6 months.

Guarantee Continuous Improvement of your operations with ease
Team & Task Management

Efficiently oversee and coordinate daily production and safety operations by assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and ensuring compliance with established procedures.

Digital Work Instructions

Streamline operations by digitising instructions, visualising results, and providing real-time support and guidance to your front-line team.

Visual Remote Assistance

Enhance collaboration and communication with visual remote assistance using augmented reality. Save time and money with less need for expert visits. Improve accuracy and customer experience with our innovative technology.

Monitoring, Reports & Analytics

Streamline operations with our augmented and connected worker platform. Access real-time information, monitor performance, and customise dashboards and analytics. Drive better business outcomes with our cutting-edge technology.

Training & Skills Management

Efficiently manage and enhance the skills of your team with our comprehensive training management solution. Identify and prioritise training needs based on real-time performance and track progress to ensure optimal results.

Knowledge and document management
Knowledge Management

Improve business outcomes with our knowledge and document management platform – easily store, access and organize essential information, and benefit from enhanced collaboration and accuracy.

“Glartek's product reduced our maintenance tasks length by 80%, which increased our plant's overall efficiency. Additionally, workers without any experience with the equipment still managed to execute processes, which made us gain more flexibility and agility.”

The Augmented & Connected Worker Platform Procedures Examples


5S is an audit and qualitative process that aims to organize workspaces.


LOTO is a safety process that ensures that equipment contains any “hazardous energy”

Digital Work Instructions


The 4M is a troubleshooting and risk-management method, commonly used in manufacturing.


SMED seeks to reduce the equipment setup time to a single minute. 

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