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Commissioning procedures are instructions and tasks for the correct installation/setup of a machine or equipment at the end-customer site.

shutdown turnaround process

Shutdown & Turnaround

A Shutdown & Turnaround process is a planning process in which an industrial facility goes through a scheduled shutdown in order to perform maintenance tasks that couldn’t be performed otherwise.

Procedural Adherence applied to Industry 4.0

Procedural Adherence

Procedural Adherence documents the employees’ compliance of the internal company processes and policies, such as the correct use of the Personal Protective Equipment, to ensure efficiency and safety of the personnel.

Incident reporting

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting is a process to report incidents and near-miss incidents for future analysis, compliance, and statistical purposes.



Inspections identify any potential issues before they occur. Inspections can target industrial facilities, specific machinery, or processes.

Operator round example

Operator Rounds

Maintenance, Safety, and Quality technicians conduct operator rounds to identify potential interventions, safety, and compliance issues.

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Thanks to an Augmented Workforce, we enabled a team that can do anything way faster, while at the same time do not require training that takes a lot of time. And we have perceived this change on the workers efficiency on our overall results in only a few months of having the solution implemented.

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