4M Analysis

4M Analysis Procedure Template

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What is a 4M Analysis Procedure?

The 4M is a troubleshooting and risk-management method used in manufacturing. It allows businesses to identify and group issues that impact operations and affect Materials, Methods, Machines, or Man (workforce).

4M Analysis aims to avoid situations that may endanger any element of the production, and that may cause unexpected operational downtime.

4M Analysis

How does a 4M Analysis looks like in the Connected Worker platform?

By digitising the process in the platform, each “M” can be part of a workflow to guide the worker. With the correct digital calendars and guides, workers will be able to know which steps to follow to guarantee a correct process execution. 

The 4M Analysis Procedure Template


Assign the right worker to the right job

Analyze people who are involved in the manufacturing process, their training, qualifications and roles.


Equipment or facilities must be adequate for the job

Analyse all equipments and tools setup/installation, including their maintenance and calibration.


Materials must meet appropriate quality criteria

Analyse materials quality standards, storage and handling.


Determine if the work standards are adequate and safe

Analyse processes and procedures in use, their effectiveness, efficiency and standards.

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4M Analysis


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4M Analysis Template Procedure

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