Preventive Maintenance Template

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What is a Preventive Maintenance Procedure?

Preventive maintenance is a systematic proactive approach whose main objective is to predict and prevent equipment failures before they even occur.

This approach uses routine inspections, maintenance and repairs on assets to ensure they work as expected in order to promote optimal equipment performance and workers safety.

Types of Preventive Maintenance

How does a Preventive Maintenance looks like in the Connected Worker platform?

By digitising the procedure in the platform, you will be able to manage, monitor and schedule the procedures while offering  guided and mobility task execution and  contextualised information enabled by Augmented Reality. This way, workers will be able to know which steps to follow to guarantee a correct process execution. 

Procedure Template for Industrial Machinery


Inspect, clean, repair and replace to increase equipment lifespan and reduce downtime

Identify potential problems before they occur and take proactive measures to prevent from becoming major issues.

Preventive Maintenance Template
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Preventive Maintenance Procedure Template


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