Top isotope technology provider increases customer satisfaction by 30% - Glartek Top isotope technology provider increases customer satisfaction by 30% - Glartek

Top isotope technology provider increases customer satisfaction by 30%


Eckert & Ziegler is one of the world’s largest providers of isotope technology for medical, scientific, and industrial use.

The company, which counts with multiple subsidiaries, focuses on helping industrial leaders deal with radioactive substances and healthcare. Their goal is to lead the production, exchange, disposal, and storage, of dangerous materials. 


Eckert & Ziegler is a service provider that has different subsidiaries. Isotrend, as one of these subsidiaries, has been challenged with high demand in regards to complex procedures, for only a small team of experts. Therefore, experienced resources are quite limited. Junior roles need to learn fast how to perform complex tasks and procedures, for both national, and international customers.

Lack of support

Difficulty to ensure correct support for customers and front-line workers.

Inefficient training

Junior roles difficult to train since experts are often busy.

Poor comunication

Between Isotrend and its mother company

Eckert and Ziegler GlarAssist DEMO


In summary, the challenges faced by the company meant one thing: the expert team needs to be centralized, constantly available to help both customers and junior profiles. Additionally, training sessions of junior profiles must be straight to the point and, the learning curve must be efficient.

  • Provision of efficient Visual Remote Assistance tools
  • The expert team is centralized
  • Remote training for junior profiles
  • Centralized management

“With GlarAssist, we are finally able to keep our most experienced employees centralized, and consequently, our experts are able to solve more customers’ requests than before. Fortunately, both our junior workers and customers are learning how to perform operations they didn’t know before, which improved our operational efficiency and results.”

Dr. Radek Řezáč, Operations Director


Customers and junior roles perceived this change into remote work very well. Resolution time and costs were dramatically reduced, and customer satisfaction was increased, by being able to answer their needs in real-time, which wasn’t possible before.

Benefits and Results Eckert & Ziegler Case Study

Productivity increase

Benefits and Results Eckert & Ziegler Case Study

Problems solved faster

Result obtained with a Visual Remote Assistance tool

Customer satisfaction

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