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5S Audit

What is a 5S Audit process?

5S is an audit and qualitative process that aims to organize workspaces. The goal is to facilitate execution by tidying up sections and cleaning in the best way possible to guarantee more efficiency and safety.

The methodology is part of just in time (JIT) manufacturing. It aims to organize, clean, and remove unnecessary tools that are not needed in a work session. Overall, the process is executed by field operators that remove waste from their work sections, in order to improve the overall factory performance.

How is a 5S Audit process implemented?

The 5S organization method comes from japanese therms, that translated into english, represent the following steps: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. It is a standardize and systematic approach that is implemented in workplaces, until it becomes an habit for every section.

As specified in the previous section, each 5 stands for a specific part of the overall process as following:

  • • Sort: Slect and categorize materials in order to keep only the necessary one for the executed process.

    • Set-in-order: Organize the remaining materials in a logical way that will facilitate the process execution.

    • Shine: Cleaning the workplace and maintaing it organized.

    • Standardize: Make sure the process becomes regular.

    • Sustain: Guarantee that the process is followed by auditing it regularly.

Some application examplesof this methodology is: facilitating inventory tracking, label every equipment, material, and equipment to reduce utilization errors, among other small tasks that will ultimately increase productivity.

How Industry 4.0 can influence the process?

STEP 1: Process digitalization

By digitizing the process in the platform, each S can be part of a workflow to guide the worker. With the correct digital calendars and guides, workers will be able to know which steps they should follow to guarantee a correct process execution. The reporting can be done in real-time, forbidding workers to start production if the 5S were not confirmed.

STEP 2: Visual evidence

Cleaning tasks are often underrated by workers since cleaning has not a direct impact on results For this reason, regular process verifications should be done. With industry 4.0 technologies, visual evidence can be demanded as execution proof visual proofs, as part of the workflow requests.


Increased control

Execution guarantee

Increased productivity

By providing adequate support to teams, tasks schedules and support inputs that are valuable and informative for workers, the process will be executed in a simple way and with an improved productivity score. However, the major benefit stands in the ease to turn this process into a standard and sustained process hence it can be part of a workflow that can not be ignored, increasing both efficiency and control.

How can we help?

Our platform allows process digitalization. This means that every worker that must execute 5S processes, can have his own digital workflow, calendar, and support information to guarantee an efficient process execution. Besides, as part of the workflow, visual evidence can be submitted during the execution, such as photos or short videos. his information is automatically stored, for managers to be able to frequently analyze the process and optimize it. In fact, each step can be scored in order to have more specific inputs for the generated reports and for decision making.

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