SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME) is a system provided by SAP to respond manufacturing industry specific needs. The system is to provide visibility over components and materials from the global facilities

SAP ME displays data concerning the equipment effectiveness (OEE), first-time capability (FTC), and work-in progress (WIP). This data is extracted to lower stocks, increase efficiency and accelerates error analysis.

What is a A manufacturing execution system (MES)?

A manufacturing execution system (MES) is a management tool that helps with information collection, monitorization and control. The system gathers and centralizes process information in real-time, such as data flows on the factory floor. The collected data include products performance, traceability, stocks, workflows and others, to be further analyzed and the process optimized. The technology provides insights on how production is going, with the goal of improving execution with these inputs.

How Glartek products integrate with MES platforms?
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  • Integrates with MES to receive and synchronize data such as production planning, alarms and downtime cause. Operators can visualise and validate the data in 2D and AR while executing processes.

  • The execution result can be synchronised back to the MES (e.g., detailed downtime report or product inspection evidence).

  • Consumes data coming from MES to influence when, how and by whom specific processes are executed (e.g, create a new maintenance process for a specific team).

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