Maintenance leader achieves high efficiency with Visual Remote Assistance

high efficiency
high efficiency


Part of the Mota-Engil group, Manvia is a certified, dynamic, and innovative company. Manvia has become a national reference with a solid reputation in Portugal, providing maintenance and technical services to its customers. As a result, the company needs to always maintain high efficiency.

Manvia has been growing at a fast pace and employs more than 600 professionals from different maintenance areas. Its goal is to make their customers’ lives more comfortable and their businesses more profitable.


As a maintenance leader, service quality must be ensured. However, in a high turnover environment, keeping knowledge inside the company is often a challenge. This results in a lack of experienced experts and lengthy problem-resolution processes. To face these challenges, Manvia presented two main goals: to reduce the response time in unexpected situations, and, to be able to reduce the number of repeated breakdowns.

Poor communication

Difficulty in establishing reliable communication channel between field workers and experts.

High travel costs

With experts having to travel to different sites to resolve problems.

Slow response time

Unable to quicky help clients or field workers and to efficiently resolve their problems.

The solution for Manvia: An efficient visual remote assistance tool


The solution included a Visual Remote Assistance tool so Manvia could centralize its experts’ team, remotely sharing their know-how and guiding field workers and clients in real time.

  • Provision of efficient Visual Remote Assistance tools
  • Hands-free remote Assistance
  • A centralized expert team
  • Remote guidance
  • Full repository back office

“With Glartek's Visual Remote Assistance add-on, we managed to ensure a higher degree of work and client satisfaction. Workers are able to solve clients’ problems faster, avoiding downtime or repeated errors. We presently use our experts’ time more efficiently, which reduced our operational costs.”


Experts, field workers, and clients are now able to collaborate, guide, and support everyone in real-time. This can be done by accessing visual remote sessions, featuring chats, augmented reality, and 3D annotations. Overall, this enables high efficiency in problem-resolution processes.

Unplanned trips reduced

Result obtained with a Visual Remote Assistance tool

Repeated problems reduced

Result obtained with a Visual Remote Assistance tool

Problems are solved faster

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