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EDP Augmented and Connected team to improve results
Case Studies
EDP achieves an augmented and connected team for standalone tasks

While providing energy services to 13 million customers, the company needed to reduce and centralize its maintenance teams, and their level of specialization. This case study reveals a successful story that resulted in costs, errors, and specialist visits reduction.

GlarAssist Product Brief

A detailed product brief on our remote assistance solution supported with augmented reality annotations that reduces response time to any problem.

GlarVision Product Brief

A detailed product brief on our platform supported by augmented reality that elevates workers’ capacities across all industries.

How technology impacts the “new normality” in post-Covid-19 times?

The world is experiencing an unexpected pandemic, defined by isolation and social distance. Threatened by a global economic crisis, companies are quickly reopening their activities. In this article, you can find how Industry 4.0 can help to face this new reality brought by Covid-19.

Manvia visual remote assistance case study
Case Studies
Maintenance leader achieves a new efficiency reality with Visual Remote Assistance

Part of the Mota-Engil group, Manvia is a certified, dynamic and innovative company. To attain service excellence, the company adopted a Visual Remote Assistance tool. GlarAssist allowed to reduced unplanned travel time and the number of repeated errors to happen in a short amount of time.

Case Studies
Maintenance national reference highly reduced operations’ execution time

In a sector with a high turnover, the company struggles to keep knowledge and experience inside. The case study shows how even less experienced employees managed to execute processes, without training, and still improving the overall efficiency of the company.

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