Immersive Technologies

Immersive Technologies in the Industry

Twenty years ago, immersive/extended technologies seemed like a distant reality. However, these innovative forms of human-machine interaction are already revolutionizing industrial processes. In this article, we explore the main forms of extended realities, their use cases, benefits, and more.


Digitalization as a new means to thrive in the Industry

During the last few years, Emerging technologies have been slowly gaining their way into the Industrial world. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, their popularity has significantly increased and a new digital era is finally starting to appear.

Why connect knowledge through visual remote assistance?

Remote work is quickly becoming the new reality. In this sense, companies increasingly seek to adapt to this new condition. At the same time, remote assistance has been gaining a lot of relevance because, besides helping this transformation, it has brought numerous benefits to every company.

How technology impacts the “new normality” in post-Covid-19 age?

The world is experiencing an unexpected pandemic, defined by isolation and social distance. Threatened by a global economic crisis, companies are quickly reopening their activities. In this article, you can find how Industry 4.0 can help to face this new reality brought by Covid-19.