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Why are global leaders using Glartek platform?

Digital Work Instructions
Execution speed

The platform offers workers increased mobility as they are supported in real time and can highly increase execution speed.

Digital Work Instructions
Increased production

With more information, frontline workers will be able to increase task efficiency and help increase production rates.

Error reduction

Reduce execution error rate by providing your team with the right information at the right place.

Manage Instructions for SOPs, Audits, and more in one place

Transform your paper procedures into digital work instructions, workflows, checklists, and more using a no-code customizable all-in-one platform.

Execute tasks with mobility, confirm PPE and start safely

Digital work instructions and AR Checklists will be your frontline team’s new ally. Ensure your team has the right support and make sure efficiency is at the center of operations.

Increase success rate of first-time execution

Contextualized information, enabled by Augmented Reality (AR) reinforces your team’s autonomy while also increasing your rate of successful first-time execution.


The Augmented & Connected Worker for daily operations management

Digital Work Instructions
End inefficient paper-based processes 

Physical documents offer limited mobility on shop floors, are unpractical, and not suitable for data and insight extraction.

Digital Work Instructions
Digitalize paper-based processes with the aid of AR

Digitalize and centralize all processes, procedures, and tasks using one platform and contextualize information using AR functionalities

Digital Work Instructions
Improve task execution and productivity

Reduce human error, standardize execution, reduce production errors, and increase efficiency and safety

Top Procedures benefiting from the Connected Worker Solution

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