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Benefit from a structured framework with all essential elements included.


Benefit from a structured framework with all essential elements included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A Request For Proposal (RFP) is a formal document that organizations use to solicit detailed proposals from potential vendors or service providers. It focuses on aspects such as project requirements, expectations, and criteria for selection allowing organizations to compare and evaluate proposals from different sources before making a decision.

Using an RFP simplifies the vendor selection process, ensuring clarity, promoting fairness, and facilitating an efficient and standardised evaluation of proposals. It allows for a comprehensive comparison of proposals, contributing to informed decision-making. 

You should use an RFP when your company needs to solicit detailed proposals from potential vendors to fulfil a specific need. It’s used when you want to gather specific information on how different vendors and solutions would approach and meet your requirements. 

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A good RFP should include detailed information about the project, clear instructions for vendors to submit their proposals, and criteria that are going to be used in the evaluation. It can also include the budget, legal terms and conditions, contact details for inquiries, and a submission deadline. 


If you’re looking for augmented and connected worker solutions we recommend using Glartek’s template. It provides a structured framework and ensures you cover essential elements that these solutions must have. Furthermore, you are free to modify and edit Glartek’s RFP template according to your specific needs.


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