Paper-based procedures that need to disappear

Paper-based procedures are still a norm in the industry, however, paperless processes are crucial for the success of companies.

Training in Industry 4.0: A new reality impacting efficiency

The manufacturer designed and managed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in traditional IT tools. Read further to find out how the automotive leader achieved results by implementing an Augmented and Connected workforce.

Digital transformation: The Industrial Race to Modernization

Digital Transformation is becoming part of the core strategy for companies to be successful. In the Industrial sector, it is clear that only a few companies have started their Transformation journey.

Understanding the differences between Cloud and On-premises deployment

Nowadays cloud-based solutions are becoming more and more a reality in most companies. However, in regards to large companies with different applications per enterprise, there’s still a debate around the adoption of cloud-based solutions versus on-premises solutions.

Digital processes in the industry

Measuring the Economic Impact in the Industry of Digitizing Processes with AR

Industry 4.0 is responsible for creating value by digitally transforming companies. This study calculates the product’s real economic impact, based on the experience of two clients from different industries.