The Portuguese company, Glartek, expands internationally and achieves record-breaking results implementing its Augmented & Connected Worker Platform

In the past year, Glartek has increased the number of clients, expanded its team, established new partnerships with leading consultancy companies, expanded to several countries, earned an international award, and continued to lead the development of Augmented Reality-based industrial solutions.

Lisbon, Portugal – May 2nd, 2023 – Glartek, a global leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the asset-intensive and manufacturing industries, has ended 2022 with record-breaking results and unique feats. This includes 3x the previous year’s revenue, 5x more clients, the expansion into new countries, and taking part in international projects. As many tech companies focus on cost savings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and inflation (including extensive layoffs), Glartek has thrived and recorded substantial growth.

The startup welcomed several high-profile world-class clients, such as Valorsul, EDP, Yazaki Saltano, DS Smith, and Daimler Trucks, among others. Relevant partnerships with technology leaders (including Microsoft, ATOS, Deloitte, GE Digital, and Ericsson) were also established. The past year also marked a new stage in Glartek’s operations, as the company officially internationalized its operations. As a result, the company attracted new partners and clients in the Spanish and French markets and laid the path for further international expansion in the upcoming years.

To answer the new inflow of domestic and international clients and ensure the excellence of its solution, the company increased the number of workers and now has more than 30 employees. Simultaneously, Glartek became an official partner of Microsoft to deliver advanced AR experiences on the HoloLens 2. This enabled Glartek to accelerate the deployment of projects combining Digital Twins, AI, and the Augmented and Connected Worker Platform.

Glartek was awarded the European Institute of Innovation and Technology award and is the only Portuguese startup developing AR-based solutions for the industry to partner with Microsoft, ATOS, Deloitte, GE Digital, or Ericsson.

“Our goal remains to accelerate the investment in innovation and continue to deliver an Augmented and Connected Worker Platform with more tailored, comprehensive, and reliable functionalities to increase our customers’ value even further, leveraging AR, AI, and 5G. We believe that technology can transform industrial procedures and that our innovative use of Augmented Reality can help improve productivity, efficiency, and safety on shop floors, bringing fast ROI and reducing the cost of adoption of digitization. In addition, we are increasingly proud to work with leaders from all industrial sectors and help them maximize their operations while revolutionizing the future of industrial tasks.”

Bruno Duarte, CEO, Glartek

Glartek’s technology focuses on transforming industrial operations on shop floors using its innovative
Augmented & Connected Worker platform. The company has coined the term Augmented & Connected
Worker representing the merge of connected digital solutions and Augmented Reality. The platform
digitizes physical documents, centralizes information using a single solution, and augments frontline
workers’ skills. The solution also focuses on mobility and allows users to access information using a
broad range of mobile devices (e.g., tablets, smartphones, smart glasses, and headsets).

About Glartek

Glartek, a VC-backed company founded in 2017, is a leader in Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for the
Industry. Its mission is to increase the efficiency and safety of industrial processes. Glartek’s software
solutions combine the connected worker with AR to bring visibility, optimization, and reassurance to
field operations. Its wide range of customers varies from asset-intensive companies, such as EDP and
Finerge, and Manufacturing companies, such as Renault and Daimler Trucks.