GMP Audits

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Audits can be digitized with the Augmented & Connected Worker increasing efficiency and guidance to guarantee a correct process execution.

What is a GMP Audit?

The Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit is a regulatory tool that aims to verify if products are consistently produced according to quality standards and if they are appropriate for their specific use or specifications.

In fact, regulatory entities execute this process regularly. As a result, companies must engage in continuous verifications to minimize or eliminate contaminations, mixups, and errors, preventing consumers from purchasing products that do not match quality standards and could potentially be dangerous.

shutdown turnaround process
Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit
How is the Shutdown & Turnaround implemented?

GMP regulations address issues including recordkeeping, personnel qualifications, sanitation, cleanliness, equipment verification, process validation, and complaint handling. However, most GMP requirements are very broad and open-ended, allowing each manufacturer to decide how to best implement the necessary controls.

Overall, the process requires steps that take into consideration 5 fundamental aspects:

  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Facilities Management
  • Product Control
  • Continuous Improvement of all actions

How the Connected Worker platform can improve the procedure?

Digital Work Instructions

Through process digitalization, GMP Audit checklists can be created digitally, resulting in substantial paper use reduction. Moreover, these lists follow different workflows and inputs and are displayed on workers’ mobile devices or HoloLens to guide them through verification tasks.

GMP Audit
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AR Mobility & Guidance

Workers access real-time guidance with the support of Augmented Reality (AR). As a result, this can help improve on-site visits by providing auditors with the relevant information to carry out the process.


Of going from Paper to Digital Procedures

GMP Audits are executed with the support of more information, which can be accessed from mobile devices, resulting in a more accurate analysis of the results. In addition, real-time access to centralized information helps transform spread data into knowledge that improves different aspects of factory working and facilitates communication. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce costs related to audit execution and duration. In fact, this is made possible through checklists digitization and AR guidance, which facilitates workers’ daily operations.

Cleaning industry Changeover Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit Single-Minute Exchange of Dies

How can Glartek help?

With the new Augmented & Connected Worker  the combination of different inputs from execution allows process information to inform the automatic creation of table reports for analysis. In fact, fewer communication layers translate into more accurate data regarding safety patterns. Since patterns become easier to confirm and audits take less time to perform it is possible to execute them more often. Consequently, it is possible to constantly ensure and improve safety and quality patterns.


Download your detailed GMP procedure template and import it into the Augmented & Connected Worker platform.

GMP Procedure Template

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