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World's leading chemical recycling company improves operational excellence.

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Recycling company improves operational excellence

Company Background

With a decade of success in the Spanish industrial sector, the company operates advanced recycling plants, converting unrecyclable plastic waste into valuable resources, aiming to reduce pollution. Their goal is ambitious: to produce 30% of the world’s recycled and renewable polymers by 2030. To reach this target, they prioritize optimizing operational processes for enhanced efficiency and results.

The Challenge

To achieve their goals and become more competitive in their sector they looked for new digital solutions capable of optimizing their operations. As a leading industrial company that is part of a complex industry, its priorities focus on training speed, efficiency, and safety. Their main challenge was: How to improve workers training?

The key problem was decomposed into four issues:

Inefficient and time-consuming training

Complex people management

Unstandardized paper procedures

Efficiency issues

Recycling company improvement solution

The solution

To improve training, the company digitized its training processes and improved its operational results by implementing the Augmented & Connected Worker platform in its everyday training operations.

Field workers are now connected, having more support, require less training time, and having a more autonomous learning curve as their skills are augmented.

At the same time, with this solution managers also increased their team management skills due to the ability to monitor and gather information about the execution of procedures.

  • Step-by-step 2D and Augmented Reality (AR) guides
  • Contextualized training with Augmented Reality (AR)¬†
  • Monitoring and skill management capabilities

The Augmented & Connected Worker Benefits

The implementation of digital processes, new mobility tools and Augmented Reality (AR) has provided the industrial recycling leader with the possibility to improve its training methodologies as well as increase its team management skills.

As a result, the company was able to enhance field workers’ capabilities, reduce training efforts and errors, and guarantee the correct execution of processes.


Faster training sessions

84 %

First-time successful execution rate

22 %

Less paperwork during training sessions

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