Commissioning procedures are instructions and tasks for the correct installation/setup of a machine or equipment at the end-customer site.

Procedural Adherence applied to Industry 4.0

Procedural Adherence

Procedural Adherence documents the employees’ compliance of the internal company processes and policies, such as the correct use of the Personal Protective Equipment, to ensure efficiency and safety of the personnel.



Industrial Logbooks gather and store relevant information about specific events and states of a specific facility or manufacturing activity.

Task duration log

After each process execution, workers must report information about how the task was executed as well as the time taken per task, in order to guarantee information for management teams.

Single-Minute Exchange of Dies

Single-Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)

The Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) is a progressive procedure to optimize equipment setup time and achieve the minimum time possible.

Process Checklist

A process checklist is a process that include a step-by-step mandatory method application. These processes are usually paper sheets, books, or memorised lists that workers must validate while executing their operations. The checklists are executed by field operators, and, frequently include a specific workflow per process.


“Poka-Yoke”, which means “error prevention” in Japanese, is a process used to prevent and solve defects during production helping reduce the need for posterior quality inspections.


Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)

A Plan-Do-Check-Act process focuses on improving a process or a specific action to implement changes and work towards continuous improvement.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit

The Good manufacturing practice (GMP) Audit aims to ensure products are produced according to quality standards and are appropriate for use.

Gemba Walk

Gemba Walk

The Gemba Walk process allows supervisors to evaluate whether a specific process is being carried out as planned.